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2018 Schedule weigh in starts an hour before pull time

May 25   Mechanicstown                                             @ 7pm

June 21  Mechanicstown                                              @ 7pm

June 30 Harrison County Fair                                    @9am-1pm   Mini Rod Classes ONLY

June 30 Carroll County Veterans                               @3pm   Pulling all classes 

July 14   Bakersville                                                     @ 6pm

July 22   Carroll County Fair                                      @ 9am

Aug 24   Mechanicstown Benefit                                 @ 7pm 

Sept 8     Bakersville                                  @ 6pm

Sept 28   Mechanicstown Benefit                                 @ 7pm  

 New class for Bakersville pull July 14 (Trial class)

  ATV class- 2wd and 4wd drive class

  UTV class- 2wd and 4wd drive class

  Ohio mod rod will provide clevis for puller

  Mandatory helmet, no passengers allowed during pulling process, and must be at least 13 of age to pull (parents must sign waiver form for anyone under 18).

  HITCHES NO higher than 13" and NO hang on weights permitted.