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Point System Rules

Point System Rules

 Points only apply to kids classes this year. All other classes voted to not run points and have a 50% payout instead..



Ohio Mod Rod Pullers are implementing a point system that is tied to the drivers, not the machines this year.

 In order to participate in the points system and be eligible for contingency prizes at the end of the year, you must be a member in good standing with the club and display our points sponsors on your machines or uniforms when possible.

 All competitors will be awarded 10 points for registering and hooking one time, the rest of the points will be awarded for their finishing position at the particular event, all classes will be scored separatly then totaled separatly at the end of the year and prizes will be awarded at the clubs banquet in November.

 We will be counting all of the pulls scores , but as a courtesy to some of the drivers that have prior commitments. we will have each driver drop the two lowest scores from their total scores before awarding their final positions, all drivers must drop two pulls regardless of their attendance for finishing positions in order to keep it fair for everyone participating.

  We are  adding one more requirement to be elgible for points, all participants must return across the scales immediately after their pull for a weight and hitch height check. NO EXCEPTIONS !!!!!!

  Any questions about the points system should be directed to personal in charge of points or any other Trustee of the club and all answers are final.

 a. Only one machine will be scored for that particular class, so the driver needs to i dentify which one will be used at registration, this being done to eliminate the chance of multiple machines being used by one driver to get more points per event than the driver with only one machine available. There will be NO substitutions of machines once the events starts.

 b. Absolutely no fighting or arguing will be tolerated during the event by either the driver or s members of their crew , or the driver will lose all points for that day. If the driver does not accept this then he will be asked to leave the property and barred from further completion for the remainder of the season.

 c. If the vehicle is found to be illegal than the driver will for fit all points scored by that machine for that event and not allowed to compete until the machine has been re-inspected by one of the Tech Committee members and deemed to be legal again.

 These rules have to be observed in order to provide the audience and our sponsors with the quality of competition they have come to expect and deserve from our club.